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Kendra Harris


Hi!! I’m Kendra, sole owner of Wildflower Beauty Bar. I started this journey 6 years ago, shortly before my 18th birthday.

I’m insanely passionate about education. Educating myself and all those around me. I will always talk about “the elephant in the room” and possibly even say things others won’t for the sake of educating.

I started this business with a vision of perfection. Providing the most amazing service, from start to finish. I strive for that every. single. day.

Failure is never an option. Amateur is never an option. Mediocre is never an option. An “okay” service is never an option. Always expect the best. Every single damn time.

I will push every single day for perfect. And one day, we will get there. But just know that every time you walk in our doors, I’m working for YOU. to make your experience the absolute best you can find in the valley, actually, anywhere.

God has BLESSED me. In so many ways. I have a team of movers and shakers, dreamers, inspirational women. To them, I am eternally grateful. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait for the future of Wildflower. I can’t wait to grow with you guys. I can’t wait to continue pushing for the best. Pushing for perfect.