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Tanning & Waxing

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Variety of Tanning & Waxing Services

Spray Tan

We use an organic solution that has no orange dyes to leave you skin sun kissed for 7-14 days.

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Bikini Wax

A Bikini wax is waxing of just where the bikini line would sit. Done by one of our expert waxers.

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Brazilian Wax

Done only by our most experienced waxers, this treatment takes about 15 minutes. Removing all the hair from the front and back strip as well. A Brazilian will leave you without razor burn or discomfort. And hair free for 4-6 weeks. *this service is available for women only.

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Facial Wax

Let us remove unwanted facial hair with one of our Full Face, Nose, Lips or Chin waxing services.

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Back Wax

This service is done from the back of the shoulders down to the hips to leave the back hairless and soft!

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Half & Full Leg Wax

Choose from a full or half leg wax. Our  Half waxing service is from the knee down to the ankle, while our Full waxing service is from right below the hip down to the ankle, doing the front and back of the leg.

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Eyebrow Wax

During this service we will shape and style the brows just to your liking. Done gently and with a wax that applies more to the hair and not so much to your skin.

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Underarm Wax

Under arm waxing is quick and will leave you hair free for 4-6 weeks!

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Belly Wax

This service is done by one of our expert waxers. From hip-to-hip to remove all the hair and leave your skin silky!

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