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Variety of Facials



Express Facial

Need a quick pick-me-up? Then this facial is for you! We customize this facial specifically for your skin and what you feel like you need. While making it quick to fit in your busy life. This is a 30min treatment

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Micro Needling Treatment

Also known as our unicorn facial. This facial is a collagen induction therapy. What it does is causes tiny micro injuries to make the skin come back brand new! This facial rids the skin of any fine lines, scars, stretch marks, large pores, hyper-pigmentation and prevents wrinkles. This youthful facial is pain free and the downtime is very minimal up to 24 hours.

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The Daisy Treatment

This facial removes all the dead skin and peach fuzz off of the face. Leaving you skin baby soft, and glowing to the heavens! This allows products to penetrate deeper in to the layers of the skin. Helpful for all skin types.

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Back Facial

Struggling with congestion on your back or chest? This “facial” will work wonders!! This treatment is specifically the back or chest to help treat and clear up and issues that you may be experiencing.

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Facial Consultation

Not sure what facial to start with? Book a complimentary consultation with a skin care professional.

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Mother Nurture Facial

This 60 minute facial is specifically for expecting or BF mums! This will include, an upper body massage, custom aromatherapy blend, dermaplane to remove all dead skin and peach fuzz, custom enzyme and a option to add on a treatment for your beautiful growing belly! All products are safe for both expecting and BF.

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Wildflower Facial

A relaxing 60 minute facial suited for anyone wanting some you-time. This facial includes an upper body massage, Dermaplane, Lip + Eye treatment, Aromatherapy of choice, Custom enzyme, Custom mask and Custom serum boosters.

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Dark Rose Treatment

This gratifying facial is specifically for our women of color.

This facial includes Customized treatment booster, Extractions, Lip + Eye treatment, Upper body massage, Aromatherapy of choice, Custom mask + Enzyme.

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Poppy Treatment Facial

Is our purifying facial for anyone needing a nice deep pore cleanse, specifically for our acneic clients. This facial includes, Steam, Extractions, High frequency treatment, Lip treatment  and Custom enzyme or mask for Spot treatment.

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Daisy Treatment Facial

This delicate facial is our most exfoliating treatment. This facial includes Dermaplane, lip mask and choice of mask or enzyme.

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Peony Treatment Facial

This de-stressing facial is for anyone and all skin types. This facial includes Choice of aromatherapy, Upper body massage and Steam + Custom mask – Lip + Eye treatment .

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Cactus Treatment Facial

This treatment is specifically catered towards men. This facial includes Men skincare products, Facial hair treatment , Steam treatment and Extractions.

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Palm Treatment Facial

Our 60 minute unwinding facial catered toward men. This facial includes Mens skin care product , Upper body massage , Steam + Custom enzyme , Extractions, Eye treatment, Facial hair treatment and Brow trimming (optional) .

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Our 4 pro infused serums include…

  • Hydrating serum good for anyone needing an extra boost of hydration. Great for dry and dehydrated skin.
  • Pore clarifying serum is beneficial for our acneic clients needing to rid of any congestion and bacteria inside the pores.
  • Vitamin C serum will leave you feeling like you could walk the red carpet the next morning. Great for anti-aging, fine lines & wrinkles, sallow skin.
  • Skin brighting serum is great for anyone with hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, or sun damage